I’m Matthias Lewin.

 I help companies excel in the digital realm through 

product-led growth and design-driven innovation.

Latest Blog Posts

  • The COM-B Model for Behavior Change: A Product Manager’s Guide

    The COM-B model, with its roots in behavioral science, provides a clear roadmap that can help you craft products that resonate with your users.

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  • Liminal Thinking: A System to Understanding Perspectives

    In our line of work, understanding different perspectives is crucial. Whether it’s the perspective of a developer, a stakeholder, or a user, our ability to see things from different angles can make or break our products. “Liminal thinking” can help you with that.

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  • AI explained by Spotify’s Gustav Söderström

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, 2023 stands out as a pivotal year – the year computers surpassed the Turing test. But what does this mean for the average person? How have machines reached a point where they can write entire novels or create art from mere text descriptions? In a riveting talk titled “Explained:…

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  • Psychological Safety: How to Empower Your Team

    Empowering a team goes beyond providing resources or setting clear goals. It’s about creating an environment where team members feel safe to voice their opinions, share ideas, and admit mistakes. Amy Edmondson is a key contributor of research on psychological safety and here are some actionable guidelines to achieve psychological safety within your team according…

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